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After many years in the 'dog world', and a good number of those serving as a Newsletter Editor of various clubs, I have accumulated quite a lot of items, articles, poems, heart-breakers etc that were either used in those newsletters, saved for future use, or simply saved because I thought they were worthy of re-reading.
Many of these were copied from even older Newsletters of years ago, some would have been crossposted to various internet groups, some acquired from who knows where.
Quite a few of these originate in the USA and this is reflected in the content - references to the USA Show Scene, Big Puppy Mills etc.

While most are by 'Author unknown', credit has been given to the author where it was attached to the original source. Permission to reprint has been requested or obtained where possible.
There is absolutely no intention to deliberately breach any copyrights and I will  immediately remove any items that may inadvertently be in breach if requested by the author.
Serious Dog Stuff
Omerta: The Breeders' Code of Silence         by Sierra Milton  ( Stormsong GSPs )

'In Defence of Dog Breeder'         by John Yates   ( American Sporting Dog Alliance )

Letter from a Veterinarian           by Libby Miller, DVM

Babe, incredible real-life genetics taught by a rescue Springer Spaniel and a child's love for the uncanny little retriever                 by Barbara J. Andrews 
How Could You?              by Jim Willis 2001 İ
A Poem For The New Puppy Owner         by Judith Belsham Singer İ                

Pet's Bedtime Prayer
Miscellaneous / Space Fillers
Sadly Funny or Funny Sad!